St. Luke's Hospital Eastern Pavillions

Status: Everything Negotiable

St. Luke's Hospital has put its two eastern pavillions on the market for demolition and replacement by a luxury apartment tower. Not much is known at present, but this would be a travesty of an historic structure. The Morningside Heights Historic District Committee is working to have these buildings, modeled after the Luxembourg Palace, landmarked. Below is a picture of the pavillions in question. Click here to see what they looked like when new. Previous destructive renovations have destroyed other portions of the hospital complex, including a golden dome, roofline statues of four of the apostles and marble cornices. The hospital is understood to be in weak financial shape and is seeking a windfall. They have refused to sell the pavillions to Columbia University at a price that could support adapative reuse.

UPDATE 2/3/2: The hospital has promised to sell the pavilions, valued at $20 million, only to someone who will respect its landmark quality. But they have still not been officially landmarked, protecting them permanently.

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