Major Past & Present Community Issues

The institutions of our neighborhood, especially the largest, Columbia University, make an essential contribution to it and we are supportive of their needs. NIMBY is neither public-spirited nor responsible. But they have an obligation to the community to engage in responsible development to preserve the quality of the neighborhood from which we all benefit. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it should happen, particularly without consulting the community first. Columbia maintains a hotline for construction information at 212.854.2595 and accepts e-mails at They also have a community information web site about their past, present & future building projects.

These are some of the past and present projects that community groups have worked on. Please note that credit for involvement in these projects must usually be shared among a large number of players, regardless of pretentions by some to the contrary:

West Side Markets Tower on Broadway

Barnard's New Student Center on Broadway

Columbia's Expansion in West Manhattanville

Redevelopment of the 125th St. Piers

Columbia's Residence at 103rd St. & Broadway

Development on the close of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The threat of a McDonald's on 114th & Broadway

Proposed Teachers College Towers on 121st St.

The Case Against Contextual Zoning

Why Columbia Should Fulfill Its Original Campus Plan

St. Luke's Hospital Eastern Pavillions (2001)

Columbia School of The Arts Building (2001)

Opus Condominium at Straus Park (1998)

110th St. Faculty Apartment Building & Grade School (1999)

*Columbia Law School Residence (2001)

*Columbia School of Social Work Building I (1999)

*Columbia School of Social Work Building II (1999)

*Manhattan School of Music Dormitory (1999)

*St. John the Divine Phase I Study (1999)

*Columbia University Master Plan (1996 - 1999)

*Broadway Residence (1997 - 2001)

*Jewish Student Center (1998 - 2000)

*Historic Architecture Tour (1998)

*Flowers in Local Tree Pits (1997)

*Fixing Amsterdam Avenue (1997)

*112th Street Post Office (1996)

*Lerner Hall Columbia Student Center (1996 - 1999)

*Amsterdam Avenue Law & Business Building (1996)

*Riverside Drive & 115th Street Site (Woodbridge Hall) (1996)

*Croton Aqueduct Gatehouse Garden (1996)

*Casa Italiana (1995)

*Preserving The Heights Conference (1993)

*Lobbying the City Government (1993)

*St. John the Divine Stonecutting Shed (1990)

*Restoration of Morningside Park (1983)